United in Kind makes positive impact to help with loneliness during pandemic!

Ayesha the United In Kind coach for Epping Forrest has been supporting clients within the community. She has been helping people to connect to groups and community activities.

Ayesha has been working with individuals within the community who have not been able to access their local community groups or activities due to being isolated where they live for a number of reasons. Whilst supporting a lady within Waltham Abbey area it has become clear that, with the covid restrictions and number of positive cases going up, some groups are holding off a little before opening to make sure that it is safe for everyone. This has meant a number of people are unable to get out and about.

Ayesha has been supporting a lady who mentioned she wouldn’t mind befriending/social calls as this would give her something to do. My client Jenny has been struggling with moving back to the area in March and does not know many people in the area. Ayesha made the suggestion of meeting for coffee with two of them in the hope that they may find friendship between them.

They have exchanged numbers and had a good chat. They have made plans to speak with each other over the phone on a regular basis, with a look to Jenny walking up to Monica’s when the weather improves.