Devicesdotnow are getting people online with a little help from WECAN

United In Kind Coach Nick, from WECAN Epping Forest, has been helping local people to get online through a national initiative called #DevicesDotNow.

The scheme was set up by Good Things Foundation and it provides brand-new Levono tablets and internet data to households and individuals who have been living without broadband during lockdown.

Through local partnership referrals, Nick has identified 10 local beneficiaries, whose lives have already been greatly improved through owning a new device with broadband data.

Nick is providing remote and outdoors 1-2-1 support and mentoring to users; some of whom had never accessed the internet before, until recently.

Nick says. “This initiative is helping people connect, online with family members and friends in ways that they were not able to do, before; and in many cases begin developing new, digital skills and understandings that allow them to live more independent and confident lives.”

Some of the local clients supported by the scheme have learned how to place online shopping orders for the first time, while still shielding. Others have been able to job search, send emails and partake in online training courses, having not been able to do these things from home.

After the initial success of the scheme, Nick is hoping that more digital tablets may be provided for identified local residents, soon.