Active in Kind

Ayesha Lawrence, a United in Kind coach Epping areas, has been supporting a range of people to access their local community after the Lockdown measures have begun to relax.

She has been out talking to people about what they enjoy about their community and what they would like to see more of.

Whilst out chatting with the public, an elderly man had a fall outside the local shop. Ayesha went over to the man to see if he was ok and two other members of the public came over to help. He explained he badly damaged his back two years ago, and he slipped over the pavement and couldn’t move to stand up.

The shop keeper came out with a bottle of water and a blanket he had from the shop, while another member of the public called an ambulance and used his phone to call his daughter.

Whilst talking to the man and comforting him it transpired, he was going out for his daily walk. I gave him my information and he said he likes to go out but isn’t confident and this fall has not helped him with that. Ayesha and a member of the public stayed with the man until the ambulance arrived.