Harlow rocks!!! Harlow residents have been painting rocks and hiding them around Harlow

Harlow’s United in Kind Coach Sarah Ayling has been hearing stories about Harlow Rocks

Harlow residents have been painting rocks with pictures or messages and then hiding them around Harlow. Children and adults have been going out to find the painted rocks. Once found the rocks are either re-hidden or kept.

Sarah tells us:

“I recently spoke to a Harlow resident who spoke about the Harlow Rocks project. She has been struggling throughout the pandemic and often felt isolated. She was looking on Facebook when she came across the Harlow Rocks page. She then started to go out for walks around her local area and look for any Rocks which had been hidden. As she began to feel more confident, she was able to walk further and began to explore her area and beyond. This has helped her physical health as well as her mental health.”

The pandemic has changed our lives. Many people have struggled with isolation and loneliness. One of the ways we can support our wellbeing and feel less lonely is by using the five ways to wellbeing. They are:

  • Connect
  • Take Notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Give and
  • Be Active.

It has been even more important to connect with others but also with nature. As one of the five ways to wellbeing connecting with nature and taking notice of our surroundings has helped many to discover new hobbies and interests. It has also helped people to take time out of a busy day to support their own wellbeing and reduce any feelings of loneliness.