Great things to do in Epping Forest!

Ayesha, a United in Kind coach, has been working alongside a number of small community groups. She’s been working with them to bridge the gap between members of the public looking for activities in their community, and the community projects themselves.

Whilst talking to clients it became apparent that since the lockdown has eased a lot of groups have not re-established and newer groups have established their place. Ayesha has been working alongside these groups to help them advertise themselves.

Whilst working with a client may walk and talk sessions they were discussing the buildings within the local area and what their uses were. So we went to have a look. We bumped into a neighbour who also did not know about this community group. They have arranged to go together next week to see what the group is like.

Upon entering one local community hall it transpired that they run at an over 60s club two days a week just around the corner from my clients house. They have only been running for a few weeks and were looking to increase their numbers in their area and to try and reach their whole community.

We are now looking to help advertise the group through word-of-mouth and their own flyers and I will keep them in mind with any clients I get within their community.