Share a smile. Show you care.

Sarah, Harlow’s United in Kind Coach wanted to share an experience of how a small conversation can go a very long way into helping reduce someone’s isolation and loneliness. Having the opportunity to connect with others is very important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Some in our communities are house bound and only get out for visits to the hospital etc. and having the opportunity to talk while they are there is vitally important.

While sitting in the waiting room at my local hospital a lady came and sat down opposite me. My reaction was to smile, and the lady smiled back. I decided I would say hello. This then led to a conversation in which the lady told me that she has become isolated as she is mostly housebound and only gets out once a week for a hospital visit. We chatted about her family and although she lives with a family member, she only sees him for a short period of time as he currently works.

I explained that there were services out there that could help her especially befriending. She said it was nice to talk and enjoyed our conversation.

Our conversation was 10mins long, but it had a positive impact on her day. Please write in the comments below a pledge of what you can do to help reduce isolation and loneliness. This can be anything from smiling at someone, saying hello, or having a conversation. As we now have modern technology at our fingertips we don’t always see what is around us. If we just take notice of our surroundings once a day we will begin to notice others and can make a difference!